Noah Bellier

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Noah Bellier

Having lived and travelled over 6 continents, in first world and developing nations, Noah has had the privilege of being immersed in many different cultures and traditions throughout his life. This experience has opened his eyes to the many different socio-economic conditions around the world and helped him gain a great appreciation for cultural diversity. He applies this combined knowledge from his worldwide economic and social experiences, along with his degrees in Economics and International Business, into his career everyday as a Realtor.

Noah began his career in Paris, France as a Real Estate Agent with his father at Century 21, then went on to assist the CEO of Investco Financial Corporation in Seattle, Washington, and now couldn’t be more excited to call Austin Luxury Realty his ‘home.’

With the ultimate goal of helping those around him, Noah focuses on finding his clients the perfect home where they can create lifelong memories. Whether it be to start a family, a new journey in an unknown city or simply transition into a new home, Noah always puts his client's needs first. His outstanding interpersonal, negotiation and mediation skills help greatly in facilitating the home buying/selling process.

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