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zilker park
The Zephyr takes riders on a scenic ride around Zilker park.

Austinites have access to acres upon acres of parkland and wildlife conservancies. Some are located within the city limits, while others are just slightly further afield.

In and around Austin, you'll find manicured grasslands that are perfect for picnics and games; deep refreshing pools fed by natural springs; and remaining tracts of wild Texas, populated by wild flowers, white-tailed deer, and silvery-gray opossums.

Best urban parks in Austin

Austin is known for its urban parks, which provide ample trails and wide-open spaces right in the heart of the city.

Zilker Park

Zilker Park
Blues on the Green at Zilker Park - photo via Xarifx |

The crown jewel of Austin's urban…

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Austin boasts some of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Texas, with attractions that range from trendy boutiques, art galleries, and health-food eateries to authentic old buildings, antique and curiosity stores, and gritty bars, popular for their great local music.

Urban chic communities

Stroll through the shaded streets of Austin, and you’ll encounter urban chic communities raised on hip-slapping, hand-clapping, live music bands. You’ll be able to feast on tacos, falafel, and barbecued ribs, prepared and sold from mobile food vans.

Factor in vintage retail stores, access to networks of wilderness trails, and proximity to the Colorado River and Lake System, and there are a handful of Austin suburbs that are, indeed, cooler than cool.


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formula 1

The Texas capital is famous for its "Keep Austin Weird" slogan, its quirky music venues and shops, and its laid back vibe. It also has a history populated with interesting characters, from gunslingers to celebrities and sports stars, and a rich natural environment.

Here we consider some of the lesser known fun or quirky facts about Austin and its residents, now and in the past.

Austin today

celebrities in austin

Did you know that an average of 20 million people visit Austin, Texas every year? That's more visitors than Rome (which attracts 4.2 million), Hawaii (8.3 million), or even London (17.4 million)!

Also, did you know that...

  • Austin is famous for its bats. Between March and October, an estimated 1.5 million bats emerge from under the Ann W.…
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