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The iconic Austin skyline is going to change dramatically in the coming years. With more and more people flooding in, the buildings just keep growing! And, luckily, our realty experts have the rundown on some of the most highly anticipated buildings opening soon!

Here are a few buildings we’re most excited about. 


5th and Lavaca

The tower being built at 5th and Lavaca is going to measure at just over 500 feet, meaning its 45 floors will tower over the surrounding buildings. In addition to 10 full stories of parking, the current plans have restaurant space on the ground floor and two floors reserved solely for resident amenities.

If you’re looking for an apartment with easy access to Rainey street and Austin’s best restaurant scene,

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For those in the know, Austin, Texas, has been a major part of the expansion of big technological hubs outside the Silicon Valley area for many years now, giving the hill country a new moniker: Silicon Hills. Of course, this sort of growth comes with significant apartment-hunting implications. 

For starters, while there are many new apartments in Austin popping up all over the place, most of them fill up incredibly quickly. At the same time, older buildings have begun to raise their standards (and their rent!), and neighborhoods in North Austin, such as The Domain, are in the process of expanding and growing at a rapid pace.

With all this growth and expansion — of tech, people, and housing — the task of actually locating and securing a rented

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Whether you’ve heard the news about the new Apple campus or just have to deal with the constant traffic on the Mopac loop, it’s no secret that Austin is growing at an exponential rate. While that might mean a longer line at your favorite taco joint, it also provides a fantastic opportunity to invest in real estate.

Why Invest in Texas Real Estate? 

When done properly, real estate is an excellent way to make continuous, passive income—especially in Texas. Here are just a few reasons why Austin is a prime real estate investment:

  • Population Growth. As we’ve mentioned, Austin is gaining new residents every day. New apartments and condos are popping up just about everywhere, and the housing real estate is swinging in a seller’s market. But if
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If you’re looking to own or rent a home in Austin, Texas, you have a lot of options. Opportunities exist all over this great city for buyers, sellers, and renters to capitalize on the value of a highly sought after market. With that in mind, there are a number of questions you’ll want to answer before diving in. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Is Austin a Real Estate Bubble?

To answer this question, let’s consider the numbers. The housing collapse of 2008 saw American home prices skyrocket above their fair market value, to the tune of 24% higher than they should have been priced. In Austin, TX, the price of homes is considered by some to be over their fair market value as well, though not necessarily at “bubble” levels quite yet.

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Whether you have bought a home before or are deciding to break out of the cycle of renting, calculating a mortgage payment can seem daunting at best. You need to weigh your down payment with interest rates and the length of your mortgage and hope it comes out to a monthly payment that you’re comfortable with.

There are many factors that go into buying a house, especially in the rapidly changing housing market in Austin. That’s why we at Austin Luxury Realty have simplified the process so you can focus on the exciting parts of buying a home.

How To Find a House To Buy

With the flood of housing search sites, it can feel daunting to find a certified seller with accurate listings of properties to buy. It’s frustrating to get excited about a

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Marketing is a difficult process in any field, but managing property advertisements is about as saturated as it can be for rental properties, especially in a city like Austin. There are so many places to live, and every landlord wants to fill their vacancies as quickly as possible. To make matters worse, everyone also wants the highest quality tenants for their properties using minimal effort and resources.

To save yourself the agony of doing it all yourself, you should consider using a local property management company here in Austin to do the marketing work for you.

Why Use a Property Management Company in Austin? 

The important thing to keep in mind is that marketing isn’t simply throwing a few ads on Craigslist and then waiting for the

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If you own a rental property or are looking to make an investment in rental properties, you’ll want to be aware of the responsibilities that along with it. From financial responsibilities to maintenance and upkeep, the to-do list can become very long very fast. It’s important to ask yourself if you want to manage all this on your own.

Maintaining your property, whether it’s a home, apartment, or anything else, can take a lot of time and energy if you maintain it yourself. The other option is to hire a residential property management company, which gives you the freedom to live your life without worrying about every little thing that happens on your premises. 

What Is The Difference Between A Landlord and Property Manager?

 Property managers

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The very first place you can call your own, somewhere you can plant your feet and stay for years to come. Deciding to have your very own home and making the switch from renting is a very exciting new endeavor. However, many newcomers and rookies tend to find it hard to navigate around buying their first home.

Fret not, in this guide we will show you how you can buy your first home in just 12 months! Yes, this checklist will help you avoid potholes and common mistakes rookie buyers tend to make. So let's get started.

1 month in

Check your credit score Yes you need to check the numbers first so you can find out what houses you can afford and get realistic on the homes you can buy. Determining your credit score will not only help you figure out

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Austin Texas is one of the most active markets in the state. This page is dedicated to vacant acreage on Austin MLS. Contact us about Central Texas Land for sale today! View our Featured Counties with farm and ranch properties for sale in Central Texas or perform a custom property search.



7400 COLDWATER CANYON RD, AUSTIN- 65.68-acre waterfront property

This amazing property features gently sloping terrain covered in juniper, pecan, oaks, and cypress with diverse plant and wildlife which is sure to amaze you every day from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest your eyes at night. It has an incredible home site for 25,000 SF main house along with 2600 +/- ft of water frontage and an 8 slip marina. The house has 2 bedrooms, 1 full

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Austin TX Listing Agent Tips 7 Ways to sell your home faster_Austin Luxury Realty

Owners that are planning to sell their property are most concerned about the price and being able to sell the property as soon as possible. Who would want their property to be on the market for a long time without getting any viable offers.

Here are 6 tips on how to sell your home easier, faster and more affordably.


1. Shrink your staging costs

Staging your home means hiring a decorator in order to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. This can result in selling your home quicker for a significantly higher price. Statistics have shown that owners that hire a decorator to stage their homes will sell 88% faster and for 20% more than un-staged ones. Unfortunately, staging can be expensive.

Staging can cost $300 to $600 for the

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