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Welcome home to understated elegance, incredible views, and access to the best Austin has to offer. Welcome to The Independent!

The Independent is affectionately known by locals as “the Jenga tower” or the “Tetris building” due to its unique shape and artistic aesthetic. At 690 feet, the building is visible from almost anywhere in the city and ranks as the tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi River. From this incredible height comes unbelievable views you won’t find in any other homes for sale in Austin, TX.

As if that wasn’t enough, the comprehensive amenities at The Independent span over 20,000 square feet of space in the building. Through the ingenuity of design and construction, the tower offers two amenity floors that are…

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It’s no secret the Fifth & West skyscraper remains one of the most desirable buildings for luxury homes in Austin, TX. An artfully designed condominium development in Downtown Austin, the prestigious tower has been a hot spot since before it started selling units in 2017. Its appeal continues today as newly listed units are snatched up right away and spend very little time on the market.

“Its location is its namesake as it sits at the corner of Fifth & West Ave. The modern architecture of this triangular tower features incredible views in all directions.”

Fifth & West

The Tower

The Fifth & West high-rise sits in the heart of Downtown Austin and towers over the market district at 448 feet tall. It offers 154 units that feature one, two, or three bedrooms…

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Most homeowners know that interior renovations can instantly add value, sometimes in excess of the money spent on the remodel. Plumbing upgrades are some of the most cost-effective things you can carry out in your home to add value, especially if you’re about to sell your home.

Below, we’ll discuss the top upgrades that add value to your home, some new and trending plumbing upgrades that are a hot commodity — particularly in the Austin, TX area — and some things you’ll want to consider when upgrading the plumbing in your home.

Top Plumbing Upgrades That Add to Your Property Value

If you’re looking to increase your home value leading into a sale or you just want a future return on investment for a renovation, upgrading using the below tactics is…

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“Whether it's buying or looking for condos for rent, Austin Texas is where you can find the perfect place to call home.”

Buying vs Renting Condos In North Austin: Which Is a Better Choice? 

Trying to decide between renting or buying a condo in North Austin? You should take several factors into consideration as you make your decision: budget, lifestyle, location, and the specific features that matter most to you. 

Because of the pros and cons that come with both renting and buying, there is no one-size-fits-all choice. Take a look at this list of potential benefits and downsides of both options. 

Some of the pros of renting a condo include: 

  • Less stress and responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep of the condo 

  • The…

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I've worked as an apartment locator in Austin for over a decade, so over the years I've picked up a few tips and tricks guaranteed to make sure you get not only the lowest price on a new place, but that you also don't get any nasty surprises when you move in. So, read on if you're ready to take the apartment hunting bull by the proverbial horns.

1. DON'T go looking for an apartment on a weekend but DO plan your day


This is the most common time for people to go and look at a new place, and you'll often end up waiting for hours at popular properties, which means you get to see less places. There are even unscrupulous leasing agents who will intentionally drag out your time at each property so you can't go and see their competitor. They'll say…

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