Plumbing Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

Posted by Austin Luxury Realty on Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 at 6:15am.

Most homeowners know that interior renovations can instantly add value, sometimes in excess of the money spent on the remodel. Plumbing upgrades are some of the most cost-effective things you can carry out in your home to add value, especially if you’re about to sell your home.

Below, we’ll discuss the top upgrades that add value to your home, some new and trending plumbing upgrades that are a hot commodity — particularly in the Austin, TX area — and some things you’ll want to consider when upgrading the plumbing in your home.

Top Plumbing Upgrades That Add to Your Property Value

If you’re looking to increase your home value leading into a sale or you just want a future return on investment for a renovation, upgrading using the below tactics is likely your best bet.

Tankless Water Heater

Traditional tank water heaters keep a particular volume of water warm for domestic use, like showering and cleaning. Unfortunately, they eventually run out of hot water, and you and your family are left with uncomfortably cold water in your shower.

This major shortcoming of traditional water heaters isn’t an issue with tankless options. Tankless heaters are not only more efficient at heating water and only heat what you need, but they also provide unlimited on-demand hot water, provided the heater suits your home size.

Upgrading to a tankless water heater will require you to contact a local plumber in Austin or your city, as installation requires a professional.


Bidets used to be standalone fixtures, but new technology allows you to install a bidet add-on to your existing toilet without modifying any plumbing. Bidets are a hot commodity right now in the world of plumbing, not only because they clean more effectively and efficiently than toilet paper but also because they are an affordable way to raise home value instantly.

Exposed-Front Sink

Another simple and straightforward way to boost home value instantly is to install an exposed-front or farmhouse sink. The “rustic-chic” look is very appealing to modern buyers, and the farmhouse sink is an easy way to draw buyers’ attention. Installation might only cost a few hundred dollars, but many buyers are willing to pay more for homes that have features they adore, like a farmhouse sink.

Trending Plumbing Upgrades

Most plumbing upgrades will increase your property value, at least slightly. However, if you’re looking to boost what buyers are willing to pay drastically, consider installing one of the below trending plumbing upgrades.

Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation systems are relatively straightforward to install, and many can be hooked up to your existing sprinkler systems. The hardware and software give you complete mobile control over your sprinklers, usually via a convenient app. You can turn sprinklers on or off or activate a specific zone right from your phone or tablet.

Smart irrigation systems are especially popular in areas like Austin, TX, as water conservation is always a priority.

Hot Water Recirculation

We’ve already established how important a hot water supply is for domestic use. Therefore, buyers are typically willing to pay more for homes that have solutions for limited hot water. One of the trending options is hot water recirculation.

These systems act like an instant-boil system, but they instead keep water continuously at the desired hot water temperature. Hot water in your shower or sink will always be available instantly, so you can expect never to have to wait for the water to warm up again.

Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks are among the most catastrophic types of home damage that can occur. Unfortunately, even a relatively minor leak is likely to worsen over time and lead to water damage, mold growth, and extensive property damage.

Leak detection systems are a common solution these days. These systems attach to your main water supply and can automatically alert you on your phone and shut down your entire plumbing system if a leak is detected. There are few better ways to provide peace of mind for yourself and for your buyers, and most aspiring homeowners will pay more for a home equipped with such safety measures.

Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re remodeling your home in an attempt to boost property value, the last thing you want to do is finish the job only to realize that you would do something differently if you had to start over. Below are two important considerations to make when completing a home remodel to ensure you don’t make common mistakes.

Not Updating Your Pipes

Depending on the extent of the remodel you’re completing, you may have large portions of your plumbing system exposed, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. At this point, you should consider updating your pipes. Most homes in America have aging plumbing systems that are increasingly more likely to leak, suffer from reduced flow rate, or get damaged.

Since you already have the pipes exposed, you can save some money in the long run by upgrading your pipes at the same time. You’ll pay more upfront for the remodel, but you’ll save on labor costs over time and will further increase the value of your home.

Not Installing a Water Filter

Countless modern homes have water filtration either built into the plumbing or as a side system. When you already have your plumbing exposed for your remodel, it’s wise to consider installing a water filtration system. You’ll spend less on labor costs since you’ll already have a plumber at your property, and they may even give you a discount for requesting additional work.

Plus, homebuyers will love the added value of a filtration system and will be likely to pay more for the convenience.

Wrapping Up: How Plumbing Increases Property Value

Most homeowners getting ready to sell their homes understand that renovations boost the value and will likely net them more from the sale. Many don’t realize that plumbing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to add value and impress buyers enough that they’re willing to pay more for your home.

Keeping up with plumbing trends and opting for the most cost-effective plumbing upgrades above will help keep your expenditures to a minimum and your sale price to a maximum.

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