Top Benefits of Living in a Luxury High Rise in Austin

Posted by on Thursday, March 5th, 2020 at 11:21am.

People of all kinds love Austin, so it’s no wonder downtown living has been thriving in recent years. Not only is your home right at the heart of the city, but you still benefit from the safety, security, and amenities of a luxury residential high rise building. 

Of course, a secured parking spot and trash collection aren’t the only perks of Austin’s luxury realty scene. Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading to true luxury living:

Modern & Updated Buildings

Whether you rent an apartment or buy a condo, it will feel like you’re stepping into the future. 

From spectacular views to the very latest in smart home technology and first-class amenities and services, experiencing the luxury life in a high-rise building in downtown Austin is literally and figuratively reaching the height of apartment living. 

Plus, with new apartment buildings cropping up every year, you can constantly enjoy new apartments, shiny appliances, and plenty of opportunities to find the home of your dreams.


Location, Location, Location

We’ve all experienced Austin’s notorious traffic. Cut your commute down to mere minutes by living just a few blocks away.

By living close to your job, you’ll get back all the time that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from work.  You’re also close to the best bars, restaurants, and nightlife scenes in the city.

And the views! Look out over the city’s beautiful skyline, Zilker Park, the Colorado River-- there’s something to see in every direction.

Peace, Safety, and Security

High rise buildings and condos go to great lengths and invest a lot of expense in making sure their residents are safe and secure. 

Austin apartments typically offer gated parking garages, key-activated amenities, and even on-site security to ensure that your home is entirely secure.

First-Class Amenities, Features, and Services

The luxury real estate industry is extremely competitive in the Austin area, which works out perfectly for anyone looking to buy or rent. 

Take your pick of roof-top pools, ground floor shops and bars, electric car charging stations, full-size dog parks, and so much more.

Of course, each complex will offer different perks to cater to its residents. If you have specific needs or wants, let our expert luxury real estate agents know so that they can find the perfect apartment, condo, or high-rise for you!

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