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zilker park
The Zephyr takes riders on a scenic ride around Zilker park.

Austinites have access to acres upon acres of parkland and wildlife conservancies. Some are located within the city limits, while others are just slightly further afield.

In and around Austin, you'll find manicured grasslands that are perfect for picnics and games; deep refreshing pools fed by natural springs; and remaining tracts of wild Texas, populated by wild flowers, white-tailed deer, and silvery-gray opossums.

Best urban parks in Austin

Austin is known for its urban parks, which provide ample trails and wide-open spaces right in the heart of the city.

Zilker Park

Zilker Park
Blues on the Green at Zilker Park - photo via Xarifx |

The crown jewel of Austin's urban

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Austin boasts some of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Texas, with attractions that range from trendy boutiques, art galleries, and health-food eateries to authentic old buildings, antique and curiosity stores, and gritty bars, popular for their great local music.

Urban chic communities

Stroll through the shaded streets of Austin, and you’ll encounter urban chic communities raised on hip-slapping, hand-clapping, live music bands. You’ll be able to feast on tacos, falafel, and barbecued ribs, prepared and sold from mobile food vans.

Factor in vintage retail stores, access to networks of wilderness trails, and proximity to the Colorado River and Lake System, and there are a handful of Austin suburbs that are, indeed, cooler than cool.


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formula 1

The Texas capital is famous for its "Keep Austin Weird" slogan, its quirky music venues and shops, and its laid back vibe. It also has a history populated with interesting characters, from gunslingers to celebrities and sports stars, and a rich natural environment.

Here we consider some of the lesser known fun or quirky facts about Austin and its residents, now and in the past.

Austin today

celebrities in austin

Did you know that an average of 20 million people visit Austin, Texas every year? That's more visitors than Rome (which attracts 4.2 million), Hawaii (8.3 million), or even London (17.4 million)!

Also, did you know that...

  • Austin is famous for its bats. Between March and October, an estimated 1.5 million bats emerge from under the Ann W.
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 art gallery

The city of Austin is home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with close on 40 galleries and art museums, regular exhibits, and many popular art events, including the Texas Biennial and Art City Austin.

Austin art galleries

Wally Workman Gallery is one of the most popular Austin galleries. This contemporary gallery is housed in a historic home, with two floors of exhibition space showcasing the work of over 50 established and emerging artists.

Gallery Black Lagoon exhibits work from over 250 artists. Most of the artwork on display is contemporary art, with strong photography exhibitions.

GrayDUCK Gallery exhibits work by both new and established contemporary artists. The gallery also regularly hosts poetry readings, film screenings,

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university students

Austin boasts a number of good public and independent colleges and universities. High on the list are the esteemed University of Texas at Austin, the highly ranked St Edwards University, and popular Austin Community College.

University of Texas

University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin, or UT Austin, is a public research university located just one mile from the Texas State Capitol. Founded in 1883, UT Austin is the flagship school of the University of Texas.

Today, the university enrolls 51,000 students across 171 programs that lead to bachelor's, master’s, or doctoral degrees. Among the areas of study offered are social sciences, communications, engineering, business, and biological sciences.

Based on academic achievement, UT Austin

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Austin is famous for its music scene, so it's no surprise that the city's official motto is “the live music capital of the world.” Austin's live concerts and amazing music festivals draw visitors from across the country, and are among the events that make the city a fun place to live.

There's also plenty more to keep you entertained. Whether you're living in Austin or just visiting, the city boasts an unusual share of attractions, from interesting museums and gracious historic buildings to gorgeous parks, lakes, and botanical gardens.

The State Capitol

state capital

The State Capitol is one of the most popular Austin tourist attractions. Completed in 1888, the Capitol is home to the office of the State Governor and the Chambers of the Texas Legislature.

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West Austin is served by the Eanes Independent School District (ISD), which includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. All nine of these schools are rated as exemplary by the State of Texas.

As a result of the Eanes ISD's focus on providing high-quality education in all of its schools, students from the district consistently score higher than Texas averages, and achieve SAT and ACT scores higher than the national averages. Based on its test scores, the district ranks sixth out of the 950 school districts in Texas.

Leading west Austin schools

Below we've provided an overview of a few of west Austin's leading schools.

Barton Creek Elementary

barton creek elementary

Barton Creek Elementary is a co-ed public school offering

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sports golf

Best known for its thriving college sports scene, Austin is a popular destination for young athletes wanting to break into the major leagues. It's also a great city for those who like watching and participating in sports.

Austin is home to a selection of minor league sports teams. Its sports scene also has an international flavor, with the city serving as a stop-off on both the Formula One Championship and X-Games tours.

Texas Longhorns

texas longhorns

The University of Texas at Austin dominates the Austin sports scene in a number of sporting codes.

The university’s football team has a following that easily eclipses those of a number of NFL franchises, and its derby matches against the Texas A&M Aggies are among the highest profile national sports

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In January this year, Forbes ranked Austin as the top city in its “America's Cities of the Future” list – based on forecast growth for the next decade.

Among the many other publications to peg Austin as a “boom-town” was the Chief Executive, which named Austin the best city in its 2015 "Best and Worst States for Business".

States that were ranked highly by the Chief Executive are those that, like Austin, foster growth through progressive business development programs, have low income tax (Austin has 0%), and offer residents a high standard of living.

Austin's economic boom

Like most major cities in Texas, Austin has experienced an economic boom in recent years as a result of many large corporations relocating operations, or sometimes even

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standard of living Austin is a rapidly expanding city with beautiful scenery, a vibrant culture, and one of the nation's most favorable job climates. Along with burgeoning job growth, it offers higher salaries and lower living costs than most other major business centers in the country.

In 2015, WalletHub ranked Austin as the best large U.S. city to live in.

It also ranked Austin second in the country for the quality of its schools system, and third in the United States for "Highest Household Income Adjusted by Cost of Living."

The Austin environment

Key advantages of Austin are its almost year-round sunshine and vast tracts of open land, including rivers and creeks, lakes, forest, and more than 29,000 acres of park land, with miles of hiking and walking trails.

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