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Building a Luxury Lifestyle with Real Estate

When it comes to acquiring wealth and enjoying a luxury lifestyle, achieving financial independence is a key component. How do you achieve financial independence? We all probably have a different definition or dream in our heads, but to keep it simple, it’s when your passive income and your income from your portfolio, or investments, are greater than your expenses.

 ··· Utilize a long-term growth strategy

··· Buy then sell to make a quick profit

··· Hold properties over a long period of time

··· Never run out of money! Spend less and save more

 There have been more millionaires made through real estate than through any other wealth-building medium anywhere in the world. It is based on one

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Expenses from renovating, maintaining and staffing a property can really pile up.    Costs might be much greater than expected when purchasing a dream property. Purchasing a chateau in the French countryside, an oceanfront mansion in Malibu or a villa on a Tuscan vineyard often means realizing a lifelong dream for ultra-high-net -worth individuals. But once they’ve closed the deal and moved onsite, many are surprised by the hidden or unforeseen costs that pile up as they’re tasked with renovating, maintaining and staffing the property, experts say. Buyers new to luxury real estate, who just had a major capital event, like selling their business or inheriting some money, are the most likely to be caught off guard by…
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How to get the Latest Designer Look in your Bathrooms

Your bathroom isn’t just a place to do your special business. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary. A place where you can relax and unwind. A place where you can be totally yourself. A place where you can get away from the kids.

And that sanctuary should be beautiful.

Luckily, we’re here to help you create the perfect space for hiding from the family/boozing in secret/lounging in long bubble baths. We hunted down the best in modern bathroom design trends—and some inexpensive ways you can implement the look in your own home. These interiors are so cool, you may never want to leave.

1. Industrial brilliance

You can’t go wrong with the black and white paint pairing of this

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Helpful tips to get your ready for the school year...

Make Life Easier!

  • Pack lunches the night before and refrigerate!
  • Make sure backpacks are packed and ready to go the night before.
  • Create a homework center. Stock with extra crayons and supplies needed to complete homework. Make sure it’s not near a TV.
  • Lay out clothes the night before.
  • Remember kids need to make as many decisions as possible. Avoid power struggles by letting them make small decisions.
  • Create a special hamper in the laundry room for uniforms and other rush items.
  • Fold T-shirts so that the design is recognizable without unfolding.
  • Each evening have a 30-minute family clean up time to get everything back in place.

Back To School Shopping!

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    What determines the value of your home?

    Fair Market Value is the price a willing buyer will pay and a willing seller will accept for a property that has been exposed to the market for a reasonable length of time, where neither party is under duress.  In other words, if 3 other homes exactly like yours (exact same size, condition, and amenities) sold for $300,000 the Fair Market Value of your house would be $300,000.

    How do you determine Fair Market Value?  By finding sales of properties that are reasonably similar to the property. In a subdivision where there are a lot of homes that were built with the same floor plan it is relatively easy to find "comparable" sales. The problem is when there are no homes exactly like it, or there have been

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    February 2017 >>
    Your Austin Luxury Realty Team has kicked off the new year with a huge bang! We see every new year as an opportunity to grow, learn and see what we can accomplish. We can't do any of this without your support! We want to thank you for everything you have helped us accomplish this past year. Stay tuned because we will be announcing out first quarterly Happy Hour soon. We look forward to remaining your number one resource for exclusive, luxury real estate in the
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    Hyde Park offers a snapshot of authentic Austin history through its gracious old homes and clapboard bungalows. It’s the oldest, and arguably the most coveted, neighborhood in the Texas capital.

    The suburb's two historic districts – the rather evocatively named Shadow Lawn and Hyde Park Historic District – include many buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Walk the quiet tree-lined streets and you’ll encounter examples of Victorian, Queen Anne and Tudor Revival architecture. You'll also discover the eccentric dream homes of legendary old Austinites, which feature a mélange of architectural styles.

    Elisabet Ney Museum

    Elisabet nay museum © image via Tomkatunion

    The cornerstone of Hyde Park’s historic districts is the

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    Food truck

    Austin's South Congress, or SoCo, is known and loved for its funky boutiques, retro stores, kaleidoscopic neon-lit signs, and gracious old homes.

    Another standout feature of this popular neighborhood is its large selection of gourmet food trucks and trailers. Walking the sidewalks, you’ll find anything and everything, from burritos, barbecue ribs, and sweet and savory crepes to Phuket pork buns, kimchee fries, and oh so tempting tapas.

    To help make sure you don't miss out on the best of Austin's tempting sidewalk fare, we’ve hunted down some of the top-rated food trucks that operate in and around South Congress.


    Chi'lantro © image via 365 Things Austin

    A fusion of Korean and Mexican food is the mainstay of Chi’Lantro, home of the

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    I've worked as an apartment locator in Austin for over a decade, so over the years I've picked up a few tips and tricks guaranteed to make sure you get not only the lowest price on a new place, but that you also don't get any nasty surprises when you move in. So, read on if you're ready to take the apartment hunting bull by the proverbial horns.

    1. DON'T go looking for an apartment on a weekend but DO plan your day


    This is the most common time for people to go and look at a new place, and you'll often end up waiting for hours at popular properties, which means you get to see less places. There are even unscrupulous leasing agents who will intentionally drag out your time at each property so you can't go and see their competitor. They'll say

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    travis schools

    The Lake Travis Independent School Distinct (LTISD) oversees nine schools in the communities of southwestern Travis County. Its focus is on providing a "comprehensive curriculum emphasizing scholastic emphasis."

    The LTISD member schools include the Bee Cave, Lake Pointe, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Serene Hills, and West Cypress Hills elementary Schools; Hudson Bend and Lake Travis Middle Schools, and Lake Travis High School.

    Lake Travis Independent School District grabs top honors

    According to the latest ratings by independent and state ratings agencies, the LTISD has more than met its mandate.

    This is confirmed by, a non-profit organization that rates schools and publishes parent, teacher, and student reviews. It has given a

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