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Jewel tones have the power to give your space a look of style and luxury. It’s the reason the world is currently mesmerized by the gem-inspired interior design trend of adding rich and attractive jewel tones throughout the home. Here are some tips for when you’re ready to give your own place a jewel tone makeover.

Accessorize & Learn

Before you paint your entire wall a certain color, figure out what you like by swapping in jewel tone accessories. You might find the palettes that are right for you just by adding emerald throw pillows or a topaz rug before really committing to certain colors. Play around with different jewel tone accessories until you discover which colors you want to go all out with.

Like Jewelry, Combine With Metallics

You’ve no doubt noticed how good gold bracelets or silver necklaces look when combined with jewel tones. Metallics are the perfect compliment to saturated ruby, sapphire, and emerald-colored hues if you want a space that’s cozy yet fancy. Our top recommendations include gold sunburst mirrors or any kind of mirror that has a silver or gold frame.

Let A Beautiful Rug Be Your Guide

Nothing grounds a space better than a richly colored rug. Finding one with jewel tone colors and a gorgeous design you love is the perfect place to start when redecorating a room. By using the rug’s color palette you’ll have an easier time figuring out which items and colors will work best when introduced to the space.

Freshen A Room With Lamps & Drapery

Jewel tone enthusiasts are discovering the power of adding stylish colors to their light fixtures and window coverings, especially when they don’t want to go overboard. Inject personality into a room by adding a bright topaz or ruby lamp. You can also make a neutral room look more elegant and attractive by adding sapphire or turquoise drapes.

Highlight Brightness With Dark

There’s no better way to make your jewel tone furnishing and decor stand out than by combining them with calm colors. For example, a room painted light gray will make your bold jewel tone fabrics, paintings, and accessories pop like never before. If you want your walls to also be in a jewel tone, add in a drawer or desk with dark accents to highlight the wall and any brightly colored items nearby. Your guest’s eyes will widen when they see your silver couch with pillows featuring vibrant colors like aquamarine and amethyst.

Go For Elegance

It takes certain jewel tones to make a room worthy of royalty yet inviting at the same time. Using cool complementary colors like topaz, sapphire, and amethyst will make your room look gorgeous and more luxurious. Combine these colors between your sheets, bed coverings, and duvet set to make your bedroom fit for a red-carpet Hollywood star.

Pick The Right Paint For The Room

The best way to introduce color into a space is by painting the walls. It’s important to remember that colors have varying effects on different rooms, and the same goes for jewel tones. Using bright tones might make a room feel more enclosed and less spacious, while darker colors can have the same effect but on small spaces. If you’re worried that your chosen color will give your room a weird feel to it, consider painting only half of a wall and leaving the rest a neutral color for balance.

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