Maintaining Your Luxury Property 

Posted by on Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 11:31am.

When you own luxury properties, whether they are downtown apartments in Austin or luxury condos, maintenance can be a difficult issue to keep up with. With many different issues requiring all kinds of specialists and repair people, costs can quickly get out of hand. Austin Luxury Realty has years of experience in luxury property management that includes maintaining luxury properties.

 So, what are the best ways to keep your luxury property maintained? 

Start With Choosing Great Austin Tenants

The first step in keeping maintenance costs low is choosing the right tenants for your property. At Austin Luxury Realty, we make sure that the tenants we choose are qualified and have a long-term interest in their home. Effective marketing techniques and a rigorous screening process mean that you get the best tenants possible. 

This ensures that your tenants pay on time and you not only have a reliable source of income, but also people who genuinely care about your luxury property. Better tenants mean that they take better care of the property, as well as report issues quickly before they become serious and cost you more money. 

Luxury condos and downtown Austin apartments may also have the unique challenges that are common with discerning clients, including tenants who are seasonal or may come back on short notice. If you have renters who have high expectations and deep pockets, you may need a full staff on hand to make sure that your luxury property exceeds their expectations whenever they choose to return. This can include anything from professional cleaners to a concierge service, depending on your clientele. 

If you are renting a luxury condominium or downtown Austin highrise apartment as a primary residence, offering these services for extended vacations and other trips is still a great way to increase your property’s desirability and value.  

Maintaining Downtown Apartments In Austin

When you are offering a downtown apartment in Austin as a long-term rental, you will need to be able to maintain it or risk losing reliable renters and revenue, as well as possibly damaging your reputation. Having a plan for maintaining your luxury property is as important as choosing which property to invest in, to begin with. 

From lawn and garden services to pool maintenance and repair and window washing, the exterior of your property has needs that require a specific skill set. 

The interior of your luxury apartment or condo requires both seasonal and regular maintenance as well. From cleaning staff to HVAC specialists, you will need a long list of names and businesses that you can call at any time for emergencies.

The Challenges of Maintaining Luxury Properties In Austin

Luxury condos and high rise apartments in Austin have unique challenges that aren’t limited to just making sure that you have the correct people available for each type of call. You also have issues related to weather, safety, and calls that may require a concierge for assistance. 

Creating a list of reliable contacts who you are able to call when needed can be a tedious process in and of itself, and the cost of the staff required to maintain a luxury property can quickly add up to be more than you bargained for. Whether you have a long-term renter who only needs basic maintenance or a more discerning, higher-paying client who only uses the property from time to time, luxury properties require prompt and high-quality maintenance, repairs, and service. 

The Austin Luxury Realty Difference

If keeping up with the maintenance of your luxury property is more than you bargained for, you’re not alone. Austin Luxury Realty is experienced in managing and maintaining luxury properties in Austin. By focusing on higher-end residences, we are able to operate more efficiently, which means that our rates are significantly lower than the competition, while our services are consistently ranked number one on Yelp and Google. 


For a limited time, we are offering our services free for the first month, and we are so confident in our abilities, there is absolutely no penalty if we’re not the right fit for your property. Contact Austin Luxury Realty to find out how we can help you! 



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